T2 Personal Health will fulfil your organisation’s or company’s personal lubricant requirements in an efficient and cost-effective way. Depending on quantities, our bottles and sachets can be made to order (5ml, 10ml…) and branded according to your specific needs and designs. We also supply male and female condoms (plain, flavoured & coloured) as well as other personal health products. Our condoms are CE, SABS, WHO & ISO certified.

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Aim & Mission

For over 15 years, T2 Personal Health has been supplying premium personal lubricants and condoms to local, regional and international organisations and institutions working in the fields of HIV/Aids prevention & treatment, health & sexual well-being, LGBT rights, family planning and medical research.

We believe that Pleasure and Prevention should go hand in hand. After all, one of the primary reasons that people have sex is the pursuit of pleasure. Safer sex and pleasurable sex are not mutually exclusive. Growing evidence and research show that promoting pleasure alongside safer sex messaging and sexual health education increases the consistent use of condoms. Using personal lubricant will help prevent condom breakage and will make it even more pleasurable.

our ngo partners

T2 Personal Health funds and supports projects, programmes and events that promote sexual health, improve access to care and treatment, build capacity and skills, or have an overall positive health impact for individuals, communities or sexual minorities. We strongly support initiatives that champion sexual rights, diversity and equality.

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