History & way forward

T2 Personal Health was incorporated in Cape Town in 2003 primarily to provide civil society organisations with their personal health care requirements. As part of our corporate culture, we believe in providing organisations that promote sexual health & well-being with affordable, customised and high quality products (see T2-HEALTH for further info).

T2 Personal Health has since grown to become a key player in the sexual wellness category. In 2017, T2 Personal Health expanded into South-East Asia and opened offices in Bangkok. The T2 Max range of personal lubricants, manufactured in Thailand, is widely

available at selected retailers and pharmacy chains throughout the country (go to BUY for further info).

Over the next few years, T2 Personal Health will continue to expand its range of personal wellness products and establish its presence in new countries and regions. We embrace and celebrate the world’s diverse tastes, customs and sensitivities. Our products reflect this and our teams in Cape Town and Bangkok aim to develop a product offering adapted to national markets and inclinations while maintaining the highest international quality standards.


While some companies promise you sexual endurance and performance beyond reason, we at T2 simply promise you that adding personal lubricant to your intimate moves will make the journey from arousal to climax that much better and help you enjoy your sexuality even more.

Our philosophy is that sex should be pleasurable, fulfilling and satisfying. After all, sexuality is a natural and central part of our lives.

Sexuality plays a significant role in our emotional and physical health, and can have a positive impact on our overall wellness.

We believe in sexual diversity and equality. We support sexual rights and the freedom to decide on matters related to one’s sexuality. As such, we engage with and sponsor organisations, initiatives and people that promote sexual rights, diversity and health.


Built on the core principles of Pleasure, Comfort and Wellness, we strive to deliver and maintain the highest quality in both production and service to all our customers and partners. All of our products are independently tested by internationally accredited laboratories to ensure consistent quality and safety. We work in partnership with international flavour houses to provide our users with authentic, fresh and vibrant scents and flavours. Our personal lubricants are endorsed by doctors, gynaecologists and sexual health therapists.

As a company, we are aware of the impact our products’ packaging can have on the environment. We thus strongly encourage our customers to recycle these whenever possible. In terms of transport and its impact on air quality and global warming, we have over the past few years rationalised our delivery systems so as to reduce our environmental footprint. Over the next two years and in order to mitigate and offset some of the environmental impacts, T2 Personal Health will be setting aside 2% to 5% of its annual profits to fund and support environmentally sound projects which have a direct yet long-term positive impact on our natural ecosystems and biodiversity.


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Established in 2003, T2 Africa
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