Sex and Exercise

Assegai loves Sports.

 As such we regularly organise competitions during major sporting events. By taking part you stand a chance to win cash prizes and a selection of our Assegai range of personal lubricants.

Exercising has many health benefits. It strengthens your muscles, improves your sleep, helps manage anxiety and can boost your immune system. But not only. By working out regularly, your heart rate, breathing and muscles activity will increase. This in turn will enhance your sexual drive and satisfaction leading ultimately to a better and more fulfilling sex life. 

Regular physical exercise will increase your libido, reduce stress and improve your overall body image. Having a positive image of yourself will raise self-esteem, making you feel sexy and confident; thus improving your sexual desire and arousal. However, don’t overdue it. Chose a physical activity or sport that you enjoy and can sustain in the long-term. Putting your body under too much stress, over-exercising or adopting a restrictive diet could actually reduce your desire and arousal. Keep it balanced and pleasurable.