Sex and corona

With so many countries in lockdown and millions having to stay home, these aren’t the sexiest of times.

Some of us are either mating in captivity or not at all. It’s hardly surprising that both singles and couples
are wondering what Covid-19 means for their sex lives.

There is no evidence at present that the virus can be transmitted via sexual intercourse. It is primarily
spread through respiratory droplets (saliva) when talking, breathing, coughing and sneezing. A secondary
mode of transmission is by coming into contact with contaminated surfaces and then touching your face.

With this in mind and since sexual intercourse usually implies kissing and intimate contact, it is advisable
not to seek new sexual partners. For those living with a regular in-house sexual partner (spouse, lover…)
and who have no symptoms or any recent likely exposure, your sexual situation and habits shouldn’t
change. Sex might in fact be a good way to comfort each other, stay connected, have fun or simply pass

For singles self love is the safest bet. Fear not though, there are many ways to have a sexy time without
being physically in contact with someone. Use your imagination and technology. Sexting, video-calls and
masturbation will come in handy.

#Stayhome #Staysafe #Keepfit #Stayhealthy